5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is Still Important In 2022

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In this post, let's focus on 5 key points that make email marketing indispensable in 2022 for your Shopify or e-commerce store.

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Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2022?


The answer is a resounding YES. Digital marketing channels like email, paid advertising, social media marketing are at an all-time high in 2022.


During the pandemic, many business owners and marketers found new business and sales digitally. This is the reason emails are becoming increasingly important by the day. People use email a lot more due to its security, ease, and accessibility.

It is a secure communication platform. If you want to stay competitive in the highly saturated email marketing world, you need to learn and apply the latest email marketing trends.


In this post, let’s focus on 5 key points that make email marketing indispensable in 2022. Looking for a professional team that can take charge of your email marketing for you? feel free to schedule a call with our experts today.

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Source: Satista report

Let’s Look Into The Data


All around the world Email is used more than any other when it comes to cold outreach and marketing.


Here are some statistics that prove its dominance.


● About 4 billion people actively used email in 2021

● Email users are expected to increase from 4 billion to 4.6 billion in 2025

● While in 2022, 300 billion or more emails are expected to be sent and received.

email marketing statistics and benchmarks

Email Marketing Statistics and Benchmarks


Now let’s look at some email marketing bench marks and results.


● Email marketing promises to give the highest return on your investment, returns $42 for evey $1 spent on email marketing.

● Despite the high ROI, only 66% of businesses in the United states use email marketing actively.

● 43% of small businesses have a list size less than 500. So it is very important to start building your email list from day 1.


To make the most of your email marketing outreach it’s very import to partner with a subject matter expert in the feild.


Source: Smart Insights

better than other channels

Five Reasons For The Importance of Email Marketing


Let us look at the top 5 reasons why email marketing is important for evey ecommerce or shopify store.

Email marketing in 2022

1.  Better results with email marketing than any other marketing channel


In terms of return-on-investment, email marketing is ahead of all other marketing channels. It provides a massive ROI which means you will get a bigger bang for your buck, such as for 1$ spent it produces 42$ worth of revenue in return.


Instead of wasting time and energy on any other campaigns, ecommerce and shopify store owners need to focus on email to contribute atleast 30% to their overall revenue.


Its efficiency factor is about 40 times more than any other marketing channel.

email marketing process

2. Improves overall brand awareness


Via email, you can easily increase the customer awareness of your brand. Your audience will get more insights into your values, mission, services, products.


Potential customers feel much more connected with you and your brand, it is much easier when they understand what your business or product stands for.


Here are some tips that boost your brand awareness.


● Never forget to put your logo and company name in your emails.

● Your text is personalized for each customer segment and memorable.

● Maintain consistency and create long-term strategies with accurate email list segmentation.


Want to learn more about how to increase your brand awareness with email marketing? Talk to us today.

3. Email Marketing let’s you personalize your content


Create your customized content instead of sending generic email blasts to everyone on your list. Make sure the content is relevant to the customer segment needs such as buying patterns, shopping activities, journeys, etc.


Use data trackers and analytics, robust email marekting tools like Klaviyo that connect to yor shopify or woocommerce website to pull customer data. So that you can segment visitors based on their individual interests.


For example, if a visitor has viewed a single product page more than twice then it’s clear that they are interested in the product and are considering a purchase. You can send they customized product releated emails, with product feed direclt from your shopify store, that will push them firther down the buyer journey.


You can also assign seperate email flows based on where the visitor susbcribed to your list.


For example, if someone has subscribed to your exit intent pop up on your product page then you know for a fact that they are looking to get some discount that can help them complete the purchase. You can send them your Hot-list email sequence. 


Learn more about the different email flows we setup for our clients here.


repeat users with email

4. Emails can bring loads of repeat visitors to your website


Let’s assume that your regular customers do not visit your website regularly. It does not mean they are not interested; maybe they are busy with other routine work. This is where email marketing comes in.


With an email, you can remind your audience about your brand. Send them a short note of your new content, like product related blog posts, upcoming sales, new product launches.


Display summaries and thumbnails of your social blog posts that makes it easy for the audience to read the remaining content.

digital marketing channel

5. Email Marketing Combine With Other Channels Seamlessly


One of the greatest advantages of email marketing is it’s ability to synergistically work with other channels.


These channels include:


● social media marketing

● Paid social advertising

● content marketing etc.

Summing it all up


If you are new to email marketing, start your journey with Aglocom’s email marketing experts, book your free 1:1 conultation call to see if email marketing can be a good channel to boost sales for your sopify or ecommerce store.


Start applying the tips mentioned above to create a positive impact on your online store.

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